Fon Aina Sulfur is a student at Cluster Edge academy. His motivation seems to just be to make new friends.
Fon 2

Fon Aina Sulfur

When he was younger he was bullied by military students. Not much else of his history is revealed. 


Fon has neat blonde hair with grey eyes. He is usually seen wearing his Cluster E.A. uniform, which consists of a pale blue jacket, a white long-sleeved shirt with a lace ribbon, brown vest, and suspenders underneath, blue shorts, black knee-high socks with ribbons on the shins, and brown shoes. His pilot uniform consists of a pair of aviation goggles, brown gloves and boots, a white ascot, and a blue jacket and sweatpants set with red stripes.


Fon is usually optimistic and very friendly. He is willing to help his professors and others in need of assistance. However, he did listen in on one of Vesuvia's conversations with Hematite. He was also willing to break a window with a rock to get inside a locked building for plane parts. 

Fon driving

Fon driving his car.


The only notable ability of Fon's is the ability to drive a car. However, it has been noted that almost all vehicles he has touched have ended up damaged. 


Beryl- Fon seems to look up to Beryl as though he were an older sibling. The reason for this is not revealed. 

Agate- Although at first he thought Agate was ill-mannered, they soon became friends due to similar personalities. Fon helps Agate rebuild his plane. 

Chrome- Fon and Chrome become friends when Chrome comes to the academy.


Unlike many other characters, only Fon's last name is a mineral. Sulfur might be a pun on his hair color. 

  • Fon caught by a professor before breaking a window
  • Fon at his desk
  • Fon after he and his car are thrown in the river