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The seven main characters of the Cluster Edge anime, clockwise from left to right: Chrome, Chalcedony, Hematite, Vesuvia, Beryl, Agate, and Fon.

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About the animeEdit

The Cluster Edge anime is about a young man named Agate who lives in a world where artificial soldiers were once made to fight wars in the place of humans. The artificial soldiers were emotionless and many did not consider them to be human. Now that the war is over, many people want the artificial soldiers to be exterminated. 

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Chrome, Agate, Fon, and Beryl

The characters of Cluster Edge aim to free the artificial soldiers from the fate that people want them to have. As Agate travels to the academy that will become the main setting of the story, he will discover that there is a powerful force inside him that has the ability to make miracles happen.

Genres: Action, Military, Science fiction

The anime was directed by Masashi Ikeda, who also directed the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Inuyasha, and animated by the studio Sunrise, known for the Gundam anime series.

The anime consists of 25 episodes that aired from October 2005 to March 2006 on TV Tokyo. The series was aired in the US by Anime Network and later licenced by Sentai Filmworks in 2012. Three OVAs were later released in September 2006 explaining past events in the anime.

About the mangaEdit

The 2 volume manga based on the anime was authored by Wan Komatsuda, who also created the character design. It was serialized in LaLa DX magazine by Hakusensha in 2006. Unlike the anime, the manga's genres include shoujo and drama.

About the gameEdit

A first-person adventure video game was produced by Marvelous Interactive and Bandai Visual in 2007, for the Playstation 2. Currently it has only been released in Japan. The player, as Agate, is able to interact with the main cast, and the storyline of the game closely follows the anime. 
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CLUSTER EDGE ~君を待つ未来への証~

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