Beryl Jasper is one of the main character's of Cluster Edge. He is a student at the academy as well as student council president. Many do not like him due to his apathetic nature, young age, and his support of giving rights to artificial soldiers. 

Beryl in the dark


Beryl has straight blonde hair with bangs that fall into his face. He wears a white shirt, white blazer, grey pants, and a black tie.   


Beryl is apathetic and does not care about many others. Despite but cold, Fon seems to look up to him as an older brother type. When put in a situation where either he died or innocent citizens, he chose to save himself. However, Agate stopped him from doing this by saving him and the citizens.                                      


Beryl fencing manga

Agate healing Beryl's arm

Fencing- Beryl has been shown to be a prodigy at fencing. However, he does not do as well when he is fencing with his left hand.  


Agate- Although he did not care for him much in the begining, he eventually came to help him in the story. Although Agate felt that they would become good friends, they seem to be of acquantinces. Agate has helped him out many times in the story. 

Fon- Fon looks up to Beryl as though he were his older brother. The reason for this has yet to be revealed.  

Chrome- When Chrome came to the academy, Beryl agreed to let him use his room. They were roommates for a short while.  

Beryl's mother- Beryl resents his family members for being happy about her death. When she dies from illness, Beryl puts her coffin in the sea.  


His name may be an extended pun. As his hair is blonde and he is very well mannered, Golden beryl has very few flaws. The mineral Jasper is a form of Chalcedony. This might be why Agate thought they would be good friends.  

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